Ficus elastica

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Common Name: Rubber plant or rubber tree, rubber bush

Plant Type: Evergreen perennial

Size: 20cm to 50 cm

Water:  Ficus is a relatively low maintenance house plant. Take care not to overwater rubber plants as it requires less water. Once in 10 days is enought

Nutrients/Fertilizer: Use a fertilizer high in phosphorus, and dilute it to 5% pf soltion to feed the plants every two weeks or so. Any other balanced fertilizer will work also.

Light: Tolerant of both light shade and bright, indirect light, however avoid excessive amounts of either.

Note: Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on size, Age, Seasons, etc.


Ceramic Pot, Default Pot


20cm, 40cm, 50 cm


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